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Hair Loss Treatment


Baldness Has Always Been a Problem

Healthy strong hair is an important factor affecting the self confidence of every human being. Throughout history men have had to suffer gradual hair loss and baldness because of a quirk of nature.

In ancient Egypt people used potions with the strangest ingredients in their attempts to re-activate hair growth. Wigs in one form or another, have been used since several centuries before the birth of Christ.

Many famous figures, including Cesar, Charles the Great and Louis XIV (the Sun King) suffered from hair loss, and tried various methods to cure or cover their problem.

Volumize specialises in the treatment of hair loss and havethrough extensive research discovered a number of different reasons for the hair loss phenomenen.

Hereditary Hair Loss

This is the most common reason for hair loss and is caused by androgenic stimulation which effects the cell development of the papilla of the hair root- ie; the speeding up of cell division until it dies out in a very short period of time. Electro-therapy has been fount by German and Canadian scientific investigations, to slow down or arrest hair loss and Volumize offers this service to clients.

Volumize in Conjuction with Ovimed has developed a blocking process to slow down, and in some cases stop androgenic stimulation. Depending on the initial tests to see if the subject is suitable or not, we can expect an 80%-85% success rate in arresting this type of hair loss. The initial consultation is free and this includes a microscopic hair root test to determine the extent of the problem. Accurate readings are taken and after one month of treatment , microscopic root comparisons are made with original readings.

Hair Loss Caused By Mineral Deficiencies

This is common in men. However, the condition presents itself in woman after child birth, where the body can be left with a mineral deficiency and hair loss sometimes follows.

Mineral analysis is offered whereby the subject may start losing hair for no apparent reason. Such instances include Alopecia or where the hair is unhealthy and breaking easily. The mineral analysis gives  mineral profile of the hair which in turn reflects the mineral analysis of the body (for instance Calcium/ Magnesium etc).

A diet which is unbalanced or deficient in vital minerals and vitamins can result in hair loss.

Unbalanced Diet – A diet which is unbalanced or deficient in vital minerals and vitamins can result in hair loss. Volumize will be able to advise on diet together with vitamin and mineral supplementation in order to restore balance to the body.