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detox-after-chemoAt Volumize by recreating your style with 100% human hair matched to your color and texture, to give you back your confidence while going through the treatment. We also supply fibre for those who would prefer this type of replacement.

There is a full back up service available for all our clients to see you right through to when your hair returns.

Some chemotherapy drugs will cause hair loss. The amount may vary depending on the person and treatment. When undergoing certain chemotherapies, hair loss usually starts after the 1st treatment (depending on the type of medication used). The ideal time to visit us at Volumize is before you lose your hair. Why? It will enable us see your present hair style, your own hair color, and to give us optimum time to find a hair piece suitable for you. We also specialize in units for children, helping them feel as “normal” as possible while dealing with the physical effects of treatment.