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Whatever Your Hair And Scalp Problems Are, We Are The Specialists For
Alopecia, Chemo, Thinning, Traco, Hairloss & Treatments

At Volumize we encourage people to feel confident when faced with hair loss.

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Alopecia Areata/Totalis (an autoimmune skin disease effecting both male and female)

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At Volumize by recreating your style with 100% human hair matched to your color and texture.

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The saff at Volumize have become friends over the years and are really helpful

Finding Volumize was one of the best things that ever happened to me. It gave me back the confidence I used to have before my hair started to thin. Because my hair piece is made of real hair, I can do everything as normal. Swim, dance, wash it myself, use the hair dryer, curl or straighten it. In fact, most of the time I completely forget that I'm wearing a piece. None of my friends or colleagues at work know about it. I attend Volumize every six weeks and in between visits, I just get on with life as normal. The staff at Volumize have become friends over the years and are really helpful. They helped to really improve my life and my confidence.

"Neil A. Carter"